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Described as "The Best of the ​Best", Shaw Builders have already won the regional top honours before
competing against other builders nationally for the outstanding supreme award.

Papamoa Supreme

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This stunning beachfront home took-out four awards in the 2007 Tauranga Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition, including the Placemakers Supreme Award. Dave and Carolynne Shaw credit good design and the positive working relationship between themselves, the family who own the home and the architect.

The awards list for this home is almost as impressive as the house itself. As well as the Placemakers Supreme Award for homes over $1m, the house received a Gold award in its category and the Mastercraft Heart of the Home Kitchen Award in the competition.

Gold Award, Category Winner, National Gold Reserve Award

"As soon as they came to us, we thought this home would be an award winner," says Carolynne. "We hoped for a Silver Award (secretly hoping for a Gold) but never dreamed we´d get the Supreme Award or the Kitchen Award. It was the first year we had entered, so I didn´t expect anything like this."

The Shaw´s are proud of the Miln home and of the quality of workmanship that earned it, but are eager to acknowledge the part others played in developing the home. "The owners, Steve and Maria Milne, had very good concept, the architect designed well and we all developed a good working relationship," says Carolynne.

The Milne´s had spent several years in Japan and were inspired by the homes there. When they approached architects Page and Henderson, they really knew what they wanted. Dave Page captured their vision on paper and David Shaw made it a reality.

"Dave always spends hours going over the architect or designers plans before we start building," says Carolynne. "He really thinks through how to achieve what the homeowner and the architect want. If anything needs to be changed for the sale of practicality he discusses it before building even starts."

Dave and Carolynne Shaw are a little matter-of-fact about the quality of build in the home. "We build every home like it´s our own," says Carolynne. "We really believe in quality work and we are honest and upfront."

Even prior to winning the awards the Milne´s were thrilled with their home and praised Shaw Builders. "Due to the fantastic result he (Dave Shaw) achieved for us, we have no hesitation in recommending Shaw Builders to others," they said. They praised Shaw Builders for their own work, for their management of sub-trades and for their passion for quality.