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Described as "The Best of the ​Best", Shaw Builders have already won the regional top honours before
competing against other builders nationally for the outstanding supreme award.

Te Puke Supreme

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Judges comments:  The builders’ “perfect” attention to detail, coupled with clear and concise workmanship have helped them to create an incredibly well-executed home.

The use of metal cladding, white plaster and cedar boarding on the exterior of the home is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly well-executed.  Metal cladding fixings are seamless, which is very difficult to achieve and a real credit to the builder.

Gold Award, Category Winner, National Gold Reserve Award

Clean, crisp lines continue throughout the interior of the home with immaculate finishing and perfect attention to detail.  Clear and concise workmanship was crucial to the client’s brief of a minimalist home, which the builder has achieved to a very high standard.

For more than 30 years we owned a 200 acre piece of land in the Papamoa Hills. The contour is challenging but this also means that there are beautiful valleys with native bush and hillsides with breathtaking views of the countryside with the ocean as a backdrop.

However getting well beyond retirement age meant we had to scale down and find somewhere else to live. We looked around for a year and saw many nice homes, but there was always something not quite what we wanted. A lot of homes were too cold, or the heating costs were extremely high.

We wanted a warm and cozy home that would not “cost the earth” to heat.

We came to the conclusion that the only way we could get what we wanted was to build a new home ourselves. We were able to subdivide the farm and create a stunning house site. 

We decided to go for under floor heating in part of the house and radiators in all the bedrooms. As we did not want to use fossil fuels to heat the home, we were going to make extensive use of the sun to heat our water and the home. The incorporated ideas would be a New Zealand first.

This was going to create some extra challenges for the architect and the builder, which meant that we had to find the right team for the job.

After making some inquiries we decided to use Shaw Builders to build the home and Brendon Gordon as the architect. We never looked back. It has been a fantastic experience.

When our friends heard we intended to build a new home, they always said are you sure you know what you get yourself into at your age. Are you sure you will be able to deal with all the stress?

Well, Shaw Builders made the job look easy. David did all the planning and made sure to choose the right sub-contractors, who were always there when required. Building materials were always there when needed. No unnecessary delays. He also communicated very well with the architect. Carolynne provided us every month with a breakdown of the cost of labour and materials which was easy to follow.

David’s team of leading hands and tradesmen are second to none. David has a good eye for detail and is a perfectionist. He has a lot of pride in his job. This means he will only work with tradesmen and sub-contractors who will perform to his standards.

The final result is a stunning warm comfortable home which oozes quality. Visitors comment that the house has a good feeling. We think that is because all the workers on the job always were in a good mood and obviously enjoyed what they were doing.

Finally the proof is in the pudding. The house won a multiple of regional and national awards.

Thanks a lot Shaw Builders, we love it here.

Gerben and Gerbrig Muntendam