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We chose Dave over other builders because we found him easy to relate to, receptive of our ideas and had an excellent grasp of the architect’s design, drawings and overall concept.

We viewed other houses that he had under construction and were impressed with the quality of his workmanship.  Dave was a very competent project manager, with forward planning he ensured there were no delays during construction, and the subcontractors were always available when required.

It is to Dave’s credit that considerable amount of the ‘Quality’ of his work is unseen.  He pays particular attention to the detail of the work, ensuring such things as waterproofing is thoroughly carried out, and all other details of construction are done to a high standard.  He likewise makes sure that the subcontractors on site do their work to the highest standard.

Dave was ably assisted by Carolynne who managed the financial side of the building process and again, her competence in this area was excellent.  Dave and Carolynne maintained friendly, professional relationships with the architect, subcontractors, engineer and ourselves throughout construction.

We are very satisfied with the finished home, and have a well constructed beautiful home where we can relax and enjoy life at Mount Maunganui.

Thanks Dave and Carolynne

John and Elaine Gemmell
Mount Maunganui