We have crafted over 30 stunning homes throughout the wider Tauranga area

If you’re looking for experience, we’ve got it in spades at Shaw Builders. For more than three decades, we have been building homes in Tauranga, Papamoa, Mount Maunganui, Bethlehem and beyond. Experience like this means we know what works, and what doesn’t. It means we can tell the difference between fads and innovations. And it means that we have formed strong relationships with quality contractors, suppliers and architects in the industry.

We focus on build quality and delivering the best outcome for our clients

Our priority is and has always been delivering quality builds to our customers. At Shaw Builders, quality counts throughout the new house build process. Quality means using the best possible building materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable to keep your house standing strong in the toughest of climates.

Quality also means employing proven and trusted building techniques, an eye for detail and concise workmanship. And it means working with reputable suppliers and subcontractors who will maintain the very high standard that Shaw Builders have set. It is our commitment to quality that has made us one of Tauranga’s most highly reputable building companies.

Our focus is on the entire building process. Not just the construction but the finish too

Building is a process and, while we love getting our hammers out, we appreciate the importance of the entire process from consultation to completion. At Shaw Builders, the build starts with an in-depth concept discussion where we focus on what you want to get out of the construction project. While the build is our time to shine, the design is just as important.

Once construction starts, we stay in close communications with our clients, making sure the build is going according to plan and being up-front with any challenges that crop up along the way, so we can tackle them head-on. From hammering that very first nail to completing the finishing of all interior surfaces and exterior hardscapes, our focus never wanes.