Are you sitting on the fence trying to decide between renovating your well-worn house and starting from scratch? Lucky for you, Tauranga’s most awarded building company has decided to weigh in on either side of the build-or-renovate debate. And if you want some help deciding what to do in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui or Papamoa, give Shaw Builders a call.

Benefits of Building a Brand-New House

There are lots of good reasons to build a new home – here’s a few of the biggest motivations our builders hear on a daily basis.

1. You Want a Warm, Dry House

Building companies today ensure that heating, insulation, ventilation and moisture drainage are part-and-parcel when constructing new homes. Today’s builder is committed to a standard that simply wasn’t there in the past. So, if a warm, dry house is a top priority, a new house build is a no-brainer.

2. When Layout Matters  

Builders can do a lot within a house’s existing structure, but layout is sometimes a bridge too far. New home builds give you far more flexibility to achieve the perfect layout within your house, as well as optimising the house’s orientation on the section to make sure all the rooms are bright, quiet and private. If you have a particular house layout in mind and don’t want to compromise, build it.

3. Be the First to Live Within Your Walls

New builds are popular for a reason – people love knowing that they are the first ones to sleep under their roof, cook in their kitchen and watch tv in the lounge. If that fresh, clean and crisp feeling that can only come with a brand-new house appeals, building a new home is for you.

When to Renovate your House

Sometimes, it makes more sense to invest in a home renovation instead. Here’s a few reasons why you should stay put and renovate your Tauranga, Mount Maunganui or Papamoa home.

1. The House is Near Perfect

We often have clients conflicted because they love their house but hate the kitchen; need another bedroom; or want a bigger bathroom. If you are living in a near perfect house with a few frustrating quirks, plumbing companies along with building companies like ours can surprise you with what a house renovation can achieve.

2. The House has Good Bones

Those who value particular architecture styles rarely want to build new houses – these are the people restoring old villas, repainting wooden joinery and preserving charming architraves. If you have fallen in love with an old home’s character but want to modernize the interior space, it looks like a home renovation project is in the cards.

3. You’re a Greenie

If the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – are your mantra, add renovate to that list. From an environmental viewpoint, renovating a house uses fewer resources and creates less waste than building a house from scratch.

Ready for your new build or house renovation in the Bay of Plenty? Get in touch with Shaw Builders today.